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We now come to you!

On April 1st, 2024 Blue Lagoon Computers moved to an "On-Site" service model. Our Retail Store, which was located at 4912B - 51 Street, has closed permanently. This closure was a decision from a few different factors but we believe the primary casue was the change in the way people shop, more online and in the city shopping and with the rise in utilitiy bills. Therefore we have changed the way we do buiness to this new model. We will not stock inventory or place inventory orders unless the items are required as part of an upgrade.

With this new service model, we will make arrangements to pickup or drop off your work. This can be done by coming to your house or meeting somewhere in Athabasca. There is no extra charge or travel time for us to come to you. If the repair cannot be completed on site in the first visit then the computer will come back to our repair facility and be delivered back to the customer at no additional charge. Most repairs can be complete while on site for the first visit.

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On Site Computer Repairs

How about this...? Instead of you bringing the computer to us for repairs... We will come to you. If the repair can't be completed with a single onsite visit then we will take your computer back with us, perform the repair, and bring the repaired computer back to you.

By the way, we don't charge for travel time!

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Personal Creations

Our personal creations projects showcase our creative side. Sewing, diamond dotz, crochet and cross stitch are some of the things we do to satisfy our craving to create. One of the many sewing projects that Jason has done is to create a customizable adult clothing protector - Large Bib...

Anything can be customized - Most times without any additional charge!

8mm Reel to Reel

8mm Reels or Camcorder Tapes to Digital

Did you know that we convert 8mm and Super 8mm Reel to Reel film into digital format? Do you have some old 8mm camcorder tapes but your camera doesn't play anymore? We can convert those as well...! Save the project fee, instead of bringing in one or two items at a time, bring them all in under one project and only pay one project fee.

Convert Now... Before it's too late!

VHS Cassette Tape

VHS to Digital

Do you have some or your precious moments on VHS tapes with no way of watching them? Did you know that the tape inside the VHS can get brittle and easily damaged over time? We can convert those memories to a digital copy so you can enjoy them for many years to come...

Remember those tapes don't last forever!

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