Bring back your favorite family memories today...!

Did you know that over time the film that we all made our recordings on starts to break down until it become unreadable?

Did you also know that the more you play these types of videos or audio recordings the more chance you are taking that they will breakdown permanently.

We can convert just about anything...
As a matter of fact...
So far, Jason has been able to convert anything brought to him.
If we don't own the conversion equipment we can usually get what we need.

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8mm / Super 8mm Reel to Reel

Did you know that the film used for 8mm and super 8mm recordings will break down and become un-playable after time. The older the film the less chance for a great recovery.

$0.70 per foot of film converted + Project Fee

Camcorder / Beta / VHS Tapes

It is getting harder and harder to find a VCR these days... Are you sure you want to wait any longer before getting that family reunion or wedding tape converted to digital and preserved forever?

$25.00 per 4 hour tape + Project Fee

Audio Tapes / Vinyl Records Converted

Do you have audio tapes or vinyl albums that were exactly what you wanted but you just can't seem to play them anymore...?
We can help you get them back...

$20.00 per tape or vinyl album (both sides)
+ Project Fee

Why is there a Project Setup Fee?

The project or setup fee is a charge that is added to conversions to assist with keeping hardware up to date as well as preparing our server storage space for the conversion.
The project fee is only charged when an initial project is setup and is only charged once per project.

The Project Fee is $50.00 per project
(regardless of the number of items)

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